The restoration of the F.W. Kox Villa at Old Hickory Resort in Cottlesport, Pennsylvania, has begun.
Pennsylvania, the US, and Colorado Springs

A family is carefully restoring an abandoned Italian house on the main street of Cottlesport, Pennsylvania, with the intention of turning it into a bed and breakfast or, more likely, a villa. Originally known as the Old Hickory Tavern, the F.W. Kox Villa was constructed in 1880 for Frederick W. Kox. According to a report in the Potter Leader-Enterprise, the 5,070 square foot home reportedly had multiple owners before the Maaser family of the Lehigh Valley purchased it in 2016 for $58,100.

In the 1980s, the Rigas family, the previous owners of the house, decided to convert it into a bed and breakfast. The spaces were spacious and the reception area was empty for a time.

The Potter Leader-Enterprise claims that the house’s conservators fixed several broken widows, fixed the side porch, and restored the roof to its original condition.

Two spiral staircases, multiple bay windows, and a 55-foot tower with a view over Codersport are all features of the staircase. The homeowners have started posting updates on social media regarding the remodeling effort. Go to the F.W. Kox Villa in Old Hickory if you use Instagram or Facebook. Pictures sourced from Facebook and Google for Old Hickory – F.W. Kox Villa.




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