Not far from Orlando, Florida, this Mediterranean-style property has a colorful past filled with many interesting owners. Nestled on the border of Johannesburg Lake, the mansion features two expansive terraces totaling 5,854 square feet, as well as an amazing 17-acre plot. It also has stables, a carriage house, and a greenhouse.

The house is commonly known as the Pratt House because it was allegedly built as a vacation residence for William Pratt, a chemist from New York who was involved in the invention of Jell-O. Inspired by traditional Spanish and Italian mansions, the Mediterranean Revival-style mansion was constructed in 1928 and reflected the architectural trends of the period. The bold design remains remarkably consistent despite its angular exterior, which is indicative of its original composition.

Another viable past owner of the property is Earl T.pper, the inventor of T.pperware. After relocating his growing Tupperware business to Florida, he acquired it in the 1950s. But afterwards, Tipper sold the business and bought a private island off the coast of Costa Rica. The business he fled hasn’t exactly had financial difficulties.

In 1980, one of Osama bin Lade̿’s half-brothers, Khalil bin Ladeο, acquired the land. The Ladeÿ family was formerly a huge family that resided in several Western countries, including Sweden, but it was later linked to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. As a wedding present for his Brazilian bride, Isabel Cristiña Castañheira Bayma, Khalil bought the property. To ensure their safety, members of ÿmeroŅs family, who were born in Saudi Arabia, were evacuated from the United States following the events of 9/11.

With original architectural features like a three-headed lamppost, rustic roof tiles, and graceful arched widows all in fine condition, the mansion’s gardens still bear witness to its rich history. Additionally, the property has a terrace with a view of Joh’s Lake.

There is a faded verandah overlooking Joh’s Lake on the property, which may be attracting bees. When Joseph LeClair bought the property, he discovered a pool that had been installed in the 1920s and then filled in. He attempted to preserve the property by renting it out for events, but this led to financial difficulties and legal issues.


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