This is the story of the man who built the vacant house for his family and the house itself.

Robert enjoyed great success in his life. Following his graduation from one of the nation’s most esteemed medical schools, he went on to establish himself as a prominent physician, a parent of four children, and even a recreational pilot. It was time to build the house of his family’s dreams, Robert decided in 2006, after building a prosperous business that included over six medical offices.

He was not a flamboyant person, yet he made sure that every little detail of this 30,000-square-foot, luxurious estate was taken care of.

Eleven bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, a guests’ quarter, an indoor pool, an outdoor sports complex, a four-car garage, a mahogany library, and an elevator are all featured in this three-story, white marble mansion—not including the whole basement. A mahogany library, an elevator, an indoor pool, an outdoor sports complex, and a guests’ quarter are among the additional features. Aside from its overwhelming size, it exudes sophistication and elegance in a way that one would only expect from a 10 million dollar estate.

While the house was still being built, the family moved in, and Robert’s dream of being able to live the life he had always imagined was getting closer to coming true. But the dream would give way to reality very soon.

The jet abruptly lost control and crashed into some rough terrain as Robert and his son, who was about 13 years old, were traveling in it for business. Robert had the wheel in his hands. The impact claimed their lives, both of them. Nevertheless, nobody could have predicted the extent of the devastation his death would inflict.

His family had lost all of the financial assistance that had been given to them, and they were still in debt for the $8 million mansion; on top of that, their monthly mortgage payment was a staggering $50,000.

The unfinished nature of the home made it impossible to sell to a buyer with the means (cash, credit, time, and other resources) and the vision to complete the opulent edifice. The bank decided to release the mortgage on the property after just three months, and the house has been empty ever since, resulting in more and more water damage with every year that goes by.

The secret to unlocking the mystery surrounding the house lies in the vast amount of items that were left there. These assets include pricey designer clothes, fancy automobiles, sumptuous furniture, and a lot more.

Now accompany me as we explore this magnificent mansion and find the house of your dreams that was never fully fulfilled.


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