Overview of the Property

  • Location: Rhinebeck, New York
  • Current Owner: Robert Duffy, co-founder of Marc Jacobs
  • Asking Price: $7 million
  • Property Size: 5,000 square feet
  • Land Area: 44 acres
  • House Description: Transformed from a tea house into a lavish six-bedroom home

Historical Significance

  • Original Owner: The Astor family, once America’s wealthiest family
  • Patriarch: Vincent Astor used the tea house for private gatherings
  • Original Construction: Connected to the main house by a small railway

Property History

  • Acquisition by Duffy: Purchased in 2013 for $2.31 million
  • Previous Condition: Found abandoned and partially renovated by a previous owner
  • Restoration: Extensive renovations conducted by Duffy and his designer, Richard McGeehan

Architectural Details and Renovations

  • Original Structure: Octagonal main chamber with two brick wings and arched doors
  • Restoration Materials: Historic cast-iron pillars sourced from London to replace deteriorated columns
  • Interior Design: Features vintage Persian carpets, gilt-framed paintings, and a mix of Moroccan and English furniture

Layout of the Renovated Home

  • North Wing: Master bedroom, master bathroom, dressing room, two additional bedrooms, and a library
  • South Wing: Two bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and office

Historical Context of the Astor Family

  • Founder: John Jacob Astor, a German immigrant who built a real estate and fur trade empire in the early 1800s
  • Legacy: Vincent Astor, who constructed the tea house, inherited the family wealth after surviving the Titanic tragedy where his father perished

Notable Nearby Residents

  • Historic Astor Estate: Also home to properties owned by Annie Leibovitz and former Google chairman Eric Schmidt
  • Celebrity Event: Chelsea Clinton’s wedding at Astor Courts, owned by Schmidt, in 2010

The tea house, once a simple amusement for the Astor family, now stands as a meticulously renovated home, blending rich history with modern luxury, reflecting both its illustrious past and its transformed present.



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