Nestled on a private 3-acre site with breathtaking views of Lake Champlain and picturesque farmlands, this magnificent example of a lost artefact dates back to 1873. It is built in the style of the Second Empire. Many original external features of this majestic property beckon for restoration. Every intricate detail, from the towering arched widows with their elaborate corries to the majestic mansard roofs embellished with intricate wooden brackets, whispers tales of its glorious past. The skyline is dominated by a striking central tower and imposing double front doors that greet guests.

Move aside, and you’ll hear remnants of a bygone past that are still lingering within. Guests are greeted with a gracefully curved staircase that is embellished with a gorgeous mahogany banister. Elegant pocket doors, featuring exquisite woodwork framing the entryway and soaring 10-foot ceilings, divide the space into two rooms. Even though some of its features may have worn with time, attempts have been taken to maintain its allure. The mechanic’s removal of the front and side porches, combined with cautious measures to preserve and remember the original elements, ensures that the mason’s estate remains intact.

Situated just a short distance from a state boat launch location and a public golf course, this property provides the ideal combination of seclusion and accessibility. Furthermore, there are countless opportunities for exploration and adventure because the boat to Vermoÿt is only 10 kilometers distant.



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