Treasure of the Past in Chicago’s South Loop

Ancient Second Empire Desig
The exterior of the Keith House is covered in a rich shade of lime, including recessed window arches and ornate, high-style details. A ornate projecting portico designates the elevated front entrance. A tiny porch ledge that features few modest pillars extends from either side of the portico.

A unique fragment of Prairie Avenue history located in Chicago’s South Loop. Optimized DX-3, intended for residential and light commercial use. Ideal for galleries, museums, bodegas, SFH, CODO COVERSIO, and more. Located on a very spacious 50 by 176 lot, close to Chicago Women’s Park and the Garde¿s to the north. The interior space is more than 10,660 square feet, including a separate coach house.

The property has a wide yard, a garage package, a rear coach house apartment, and eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Modernized air conditioning and electrical systems in 2000. The first story is exclusively used as a dining area, while the second and third floors house residential apartments. Only one masio¿ remained on Prairie Avenue. In close proximity to the McCormick Place entertainment district project, public transportation, lakefront, and several campgrounds.




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