a color plate from 1968

Within the days when color printing was extraordinarily costly, the Avicultural Society had particular appeals for funds to assist the looks in Avicultural Journal of the occasional color plate. A well known hen artist was then commissioned. Though the entire run of the Society’s magazines could be discovered on-line, the plates hardly ever see the sunshine of day. Subsequently I made a decision to indicate one, once in a while, on this website. That is the tenth within the sequence.

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The article accompanying this plate was written by Ryan Bruce Walden (1937-2020). He was supervisor of the dwell animal displays on the Academy of Pure Sciences of Philadelphia. The plate was the work of John Raymond Quinn (1938-2012). He was workers artist on the similar establishment.

Avicultural Journal 74, 1968

The noticed sandpiper (Actitis macularius) is widespread hen in North America the place it breeds typically near freshwater. Within the winter, it migrates south to the southern USA, Central and South America. We have now seen it in Florida, Guyana and Peru—but additionally on a neighborhood seashore two years in the past in deepest Ayrshire the place it attracted the eye of birders and photographers for weeks. Because it ran alongside the shoreline looking between the rocks and clumps of seaweed for meals it got here very near these watching it, too shut in actual fact, for the lengthy lenses of the cameras.

The place do these vagrants go once they disappear out of the blue? Do they ever handle to get again throughout the Atlantic?

The Ayrshire Coast in Scotland was the place this vagrant from North America
was photographed in 2021

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