a color plate from 1954

Within the days when color printing was extraordinarily costly, the Avicultural Society had particular appeals for funds to help the looks in Avicultural Journal of the occasional color plate. A well known fowl artist was then commissioned. Though the entire run of the Society’s magazines could be discovered on-line, the plates hardly ever see the sunshine of day. Subsequently I made a decision to indicate one, on occasion, on this website. That is the ninth within the collection.

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The committee that drew up the widespread names for birds did a horrible job on the parrots. Nearly each small parrot with a protracted story was referred to as a parakeet from no matter a part of the world it happens. The phrase ‘conure’ for a lot of the South American species appears to have been dumped. Thus what was often known as the Crimson-bellied Conure is now the Maroon-bellied Parakeet. Different widespread names, Brown-eared Conure, for instance had been generally utilized by individuals who stored and bred the species—Pyrrhura frontalis. The species is discovered from southeastern Brazil to north-eastern Argentina, together with japanese components of Paraguay and Uruguay.

The article accompanying this plate was written by Arthur Alfred Prestwich (1903-1987) who was for a few years Secretary of the Avicultural Society. He devoted quite a lot of his time researching the historical past and first breeding of varied species, however particularly parrots, in captivity.

The plate was the work David Morrison Reid Henry (1919-1977) in 1955. He signed his work as D.M. Henry and was an artist favoured by the Avicultural Society for the plates printed on this interval.

Avicultural Journal 60, 1954

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