8 Unimaginable Details About Kitten Teething You Want To Know!

silver tabby kitten's milk teeth

Identical to folks, kittens are born with out tooth, and so they undergo an identical cycle of first creating milk tooth after which changing these with grownup cat tooth. In contrast to people, for whom it takes a number of years for this course of to finish, kitten teething takes round 5 months from the primary tooth showing to a cat having a full set of grownup tooth. It is a vital a part of kitten growth and can often be properly underway by the point a brand new proprietor collects their kitten, and although it tends to solely trigger delicate discomfort, there are steps you’ll be able to take to assist your kitten via the teething course of.

Under are 8 info about kittens and teething, together with some tips about the best way to forestall biting whereas providing a possible outlet to assist scale back any discomfort.

The 8 Unimaginable Details About Kitten Teething

1. Kittens Are Born With out Enamel

Identical to people, kittens are born with out tooth. Kittens don’t want tooth when they’re born, as a result of they take milk from their moms and don’t have to chew something. Having tooth would trigger appreciable discomfort and potential harm to the moms if the tooth catch whereas breastfeeding.

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2. Their First Enamel Come at About 4 Weeks Outdated

Sometimes, a kitten’s first tooth will begin to develop at about week 3 or 4. As most homeowners take their kitten residence when it reaches 8 to 12 weeks, they don’t expertise this primary teething in any respect as a result of all kitten tooth could have developed by that age. Nevertheless, as kitten tooth are changed by grownup tooth, additional teething does happen so homeowners will expertise this.

3. Canines and Incisors Are the First Enamel to Seem

The primary tooth to develop are the canines and incisors. Kittens have 4 canine tooth and 12 incisors. Incisors are the tooth that develop between the canines. Incisors are used to chunk into meals, and in addition to help the lips. Canines minimize the meals whereas offering additional help for the lips and in addition to make sure the jaw closes correctly.

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4. Grownup Enamel Are Often All Grown By 6 Months

Kitten tooth, also called milk tooth, solely final for a couple of months, and by the point a kitten reaches round 3 or 4 months of age, grownup tooth will begin to push via and trigger the kitten tooth to fall out. By the point a cat reaches 6 months of age, it ought to have a full set of grownup cat tooth in place.

5. Many Kittens Swallow Their Child Enamel

When grownup tooth push the kitten tooth out, you could discover them on the ground, within the cat’s mattress, and even in your individual mattress, relying on the place your cat roams and lays. Nevertheless, some kitten tooth are naturally swallowed. They don’t trigger hurt and there’s no trigger for concern for those who consider your kitten has swallowed its milk tooth.

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6. Teething Often Solely Causes Delicate Discomfort

Teething implies that tooth are creating and pushing via the gums. This will naturally trigger some delicate discomfort, nevertheless it doesn’t often trigger ache or any main issues.

7. Signs of Teething Embody Decreased Urge for food

Nevertheless, some kittens will expertise extra discomfort than others, when teething. Should you discover your kitten is extra grumpy than typical, teething discomfort could possibly be the reason for this temper change. The ache of their mouth also can trigger some kittens to lose their urge for food as they don’t wish to exacerbate the ache. Different signs embody slight bleeding across the gums, heightened salivation, and your kitten could scratch or paw at their mouth and their face in the course of the teething interval. Whereas teething issues are uncommon, it is best to search for indicators of extreme gum bleeding, swelling, or ache, and in case you are involved about your kitten’s tooth, contact a vet for recommendation.

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8. A Washcloth Can Assist Teething Pains

There are quite a few teething toys in the marketplace for kittens. These are usually made of sentimental plastic however may additionally be manufactured from fiber or materials. Alternatively, you’ll be able to damp a brand new washcloth with heat water, and let your kitten chew on this. This may be particularly useful in case your kitten is attempting to chew or chunk your arm as a way of relieving the discomfort. No matter you employ, whether or not it’s a toy or a washcloth, all the time supervise your kitten when they’re chewing the merchandise and take away it when it turns into broken.

FAQs on Kitten Teething

Do Kittens Chew a Lot When Teething?

Some kittens will chunk extra when they’re teething with a view to try to relieve the discomfort they’re feeling. That is pure, though it may be disagreeable for those who’re on the receiving finish of the bites from razor-sharp kitten tooth. Use a teething toy or a moist washcloth to distract your kitten away out of your fingers and arm. Not all kittens behave on this method throughout teething, and a few shall be very reluctant to chunk or chew for concern of it inflicting extra ache.

Do Kittens Swallow Their Child Enamel?

As grownup cat tooth develop and push up via the gums, it causes kitten tooth to fall out, and the tooth need to go someplace. In some circumstances, kitten tooth would possibly find yourself on the ground, in a bowl of meals, or wherever else your cat goes. In different circumstances, your kitten could inadvertently swallow the tooth as they fall out, and that is particularly probably if a tooth falls out whereas they’re sleeping. That is nothing to fret about and gained’t trigger your kitten any hurt.

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Do Kittens Want Teething Toys?

Teething toys will be a good suggestion as a result of they not solely assist alleviate the discomfort and ache your cat feels whereas teething, however they’ll additionally assist to forestall them from attempting to chunk or chew your arm, different pets, or even the furnishings. Should you don’t wish to purchase a teething toy or entry to a retailer that sells them is proscribed, you’ll be able to dampen a dishcloth with heat water and use this as an alternative.


Kittens are just like kids in terms of teething. They begin with no tooth, develop milk tooth when they’re younger, after which develop grownup tooth that substitute these milk tooth. The timeline is just a little totally different, nevertheless, with kitten tooth typically creating within the first 3–4 weeks and being changed by grownup tooth by the point they attain 6 months.

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