8 Methods to Hold Bears AWAY From Fowl Feeders! (2022)

How do you retain bears away out of your chicken feeders?


In case you’re asking this query, then let me say how sorry I’m about your bear drawback. 🙂


Fortunately, most chicken feeding fanatics don’t need to cope with bears. However for people who do, it’s difficult to proceed to feed birds with out having bears at all times ruining the get together.

how to keep bears away from bird feeders


As annoying as squirrels or raccoons may be at a chicken feeder, they don’t trigger the destruction {that a} bear can! I’ve but to see a chicken feeder that wouldn’t be broken after a bear will get ahold of it. And the energy of a bear signifies that most chicken feeding poles are simply toppled over, permitting these mighty mammals to eat as a lot chicken meals as they want.


However fortunately, there may be hope.


Immediately I’m going to offer 8 methods that assist hold bears away from chicken feeders!

bears away from bird feeders


Feeding bears in your yard isn’t good for anybody. Bears will change into accustomed to being round individuals and houses. And as soon as a bear turns into habituated to individuals, they’re usually killed via NO FAULT of their very own.


In addition they could by accident harm somebody or a pet or get hit by a automobile. To not point out all of the injury they are going to trigger to everybody’s property as they seek for less difficult meals.


Please take pleasure in! You’re one step nearer to having a “bear-free” chicken feeding station!


Tip #1: Usher in your feeders EVERY night time.


Most bears determine to raid feeders underneath cowl of darkness. It’s doable that bears will present up throughout the day to trigger havoc, however these largely nocturnal mammals favor to come back at night time.


A straightforward method to remedy a bear drawback is to deliver your chicken feeders inside every night. Assuming that your chicken meals and feeders are in a safe location, the bears gained’t have something to eat, besides perhaps for a little bit seed that fell on the bottom.


The one disadvantage to this technique is that it’s labor-intensive. Each night earlier than darkish, you’ll want to deliver your feeders inside after which take them again out each morning. And for those who neglect even one single day, you threat having bears destroying feeders and ruining your entire exhausting work.


This technique is simply really helpful for probably the most devoted and disciplined bird-feeding fanatics. And in addition, be warned that many bears merely adapt and can be taught they should begin visiting your feeders throughout the day (as you’ll be able to see from the photographs on this article). 🙂


Tip #2: Grasp your feeders HIGH.


This technique is easy. Place your chicken feeders excessive sufficient in order that bears can’t attain them!

protect bird feeders from bears


Now implementing this can be a bit trickier. First, if the feeders are too excessive for a bear to succeed in, then they’re most likely too excessive for you.


How will you go about refilling them?


One thought is to have a protracted pole close to your feeding station, which can be utilized to take down and put again up the feeders. One other resolution is to develop some type of pulley system that simply adjusts the heights of the feeders.


As soon as you determine the right way to preserve your excessive feeders, the following query you’ll want to reply is:


What’s going to the feeders grasp from?


Though they’re too excessive for a bear to succeed in, a bear could knock over a typical pole that hangs chicken feeders! Listed here are a number of concepts on how and the place to droop your feeders.


A. Droop a wire or line between two excessive factors.

  • This could possibly be some mixture of timber, decks, homes, sheds, and so forth.


Beneath is an instance of feeders suspended between two timber. However as you’ll be able to see, on this case, the feeders weren’t hung excessive sufficient to cease bears!


B. Grasp feeders from tree branches.

  • Be certain the tree is massive sufficient that the bear can’t knock it over.


C. Set up a big, bear-proof chicken feeder pole.

  • Extra info on that is within the subsequent part!


Tip #3: Set up a bear-proof chicken feeder pole.


In case you are severe about feeding birds, then I like to recommend putting in a bear-proof pole. Beneath you’ll be able to watch what bears will do to an affordable shepherd hook!


Placing up a pole that bears can’t push down isn’t for the faint of coronary heart. These mammals are highly effective and dedicated. If they will scent some scrumptious chicken seed, the bears are going to do all the things they will to get the free meals!


However for those who commit the sources, having a feeding station pole that’s bear-proof is the way in which to go. You’ll be able to take pleasure in feeding birds with out having to fret concerning the bears destroying and consuming all the things.


Your first step is securing your pole to the bottom. I’d advocate digging a gap as DEEP as you’ll be able to for the pole after which filling it with concrete. The safer the pole, the happier you can be long-term. In case you use a protracted wood put up or 4×4, you must wrap it with a stovepipe or another slippery steel, to stop the bears from climbing the precise pole.


Be sure to choose a protracted pole. Keep in mind, it must be dug underground as deep as doable, whereas nonetheless tall sufficient to be out of attain of a bear on its hind legs. For reference, right here is how tall bears can attain, on common.

  • Black bears (Ursus americanus): 5 – 7 ft
  • Brown/Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos): As much as 9 ft
  • Polar bears (Ursus maritimus): Males stand as much as 10 ft tall!


Listed here are some plans I discovered for constructing a bear-proof pole:


Tip #4: Hold the areas beneath your feeders clear.


To maintain bears away from chicken feeders, you must take steps to verify chicken meals doesn’t accumulate on the bottom.


You’ll be able to have the most effective bear-proof pole on the planet, but when the birds are spilling all of the seeds to the bottom, bears will nonetheless be frequent guests in your yard. Whereas it’s true that they gained’t be inflicting injury to the feeders, I don’t know anybody who needs to stroll of their yard underneath the specter of bears!


To forestall meals on the bottom, pay shut consideration to your feeders.


Most birds, typically, are messy eaters and can poke via and throw birdseed round, on the lookout for the meals they need to eat. You’re going to want chicken feeders that don’t enable birds to do that!


Many hopper feeders or trays is likely to be unhealthy choices, since birds can sit on a platform and have loads of room to throw meals round, resulting in some ending up on the bottom.


I’d search for feeders the place birds have to succeed in inside to seize a bit of meals.


One feeder that I personal that might be a good selection is the Absolute II.

prevent bears bird feeders

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The seed is enclosed within the meals reservoir and has a steel lip that stops meals from spilling out.


One other method to forestall meals from ending up on the bottom is to put in a tray beneath the feeders.


Many tube feeders have trays that connect to the underside. You would additionally assemble some type of dish or bin that catches fallen seeds.


aspects tube feeder and tray

The mix that I take advantage of is an Features tube feeder with an 8.5-inch Seed Tray hooked up to the underside.


You would additionally strive solely utilizing shelled sunflower seeds.


Here’s what I’m considering. So far as chicken meals goes, sunflower kernels are the preferred. Nearly each chicken that involves feeders loves the stuff. In reality, when birds are trying via a birdseed combine, it’s usually the sunflower they’re looking for.


In case you solely use shelled sunflowers, there might be nothing for the birds to go looking via, which implies they’re much less prone to throw seeds to the bottom. As one other profit, you will keep away from a large number of shells on the bottom, since you’re shopping for this sunflower seed already shelled.


If any sunflower kernels do fall to the bottom, they need to be rapidly wolfed up by ground-feeding birds or a small mammal, earlier than a bear would ever discover it!


Put out much less meals to your birds!


Lastly, in case you are nonetheless having issues with meals falling to the bottom, you must put out much less birdseed. My advice is to solely put out sufficient meals in order that the birds will be capable of eat all of it throughout the day! By the point night time comes, the bears gained’t have something left to eat.


Tip #5: Select meals that aren’t pleasing to bears.


Sadly, bears eat nearly something. They’re omnivores and don’t discriminate a lot of their food plan. Out of all the everyday meals utilized in chicken feeders, there are just a few I might consider {that a} bear shouldn’t mess with.


Nyjer seed:

different types of bird seed guide

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Additionally generally known as “thistle,” Nyjer seed is a tiny, black seed that grows in Ethiopia or India. Nyjer seed isn’t truly associated to thistle, so that you don’t have to fret about it creating into an annoying weed. Goldfinches are identified to like feeding on this meals.


Bears aren’t extremely keen on consuming Nyjer seed. I feel it’s simply too small and tiny for bears to mess with.


Safflower seed:

safflower seed - best bird food

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This small, exhausting white seed has a bitter style. It shouldn’t be a favourite meals for a bear. Even squirrels don’t eat it a lot. Cardinals, grosbeaks, finches (Home and Purple), titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, and doves all take pleasure in consuming safflower, although.


However so far as meals go, I’ve one other resolution that will work.


Use spicy meals to discourage bears!


Do you take pleasure in having habanero peppers throughout your meals? Or does your face grimace simply eager about the warmth you’ll expertise?



The explanation that we (individuals) really feel the warmth of spicy meals is due to one thing known as capsaicin, which is the lively ingredient present in chili peppers that makes them sizzling and worsening to eat.


However right here is the loopy factor:


Solely mammals really feel the results of capsaicin! Birds aren’t affected.


And in case you forgot, bears are mammals. As well as, a bear’s sense of scent and style is MUCH higher than a human’s. I’ve by no means been in a position to ask a bear what consuming sizzling chili peppers tastes like, however my guess is that the results are compounded much more than what people really feel.

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Utilizing chicken meals that has been coated in sizzling pepper is value making an attempt. Bears ought to hopefully take one whiff and never like what they scent. Birds, who don’t have a lot of a way of scent or style, gained’t be bothered one bit by the spicy meals.


Tip #6: Movement-activated sounds or lights.


Rising up, we had a small decorative garden in our yard, stuffed with koi and shubunkin goldfish. It was superior to have a look at, and I’ve fond recollections of throwing worms that I discovered in for the fish and watching them eat.


There was a time after we had issues with raccoons consuming fish. These masked mammals would sneak up at night time, wait by the water’s edge, and seize a straightforward meal. My dad tried many various methods to discourage the raccoons, however I keep in mind clearly what ended up working finest.


He discovered a motion-activated alarm that might make an extremely LOUD and ANNOYING noise when a raccoon tripped it at night time. Our household could be sitting in the lounge collectively when all of the sudden we’d hear the alarm begin enjoying, and we’d all run exterior to see the tail of a raccoon sprinting into the woods.


The fish had been saved, and the raccoons discovered rapidly that they needed to search elsewhere for a straightforward meal.


You should utilize this similar technique to scare away bears out of your chicken feeders!


My advice is to put an alarm in your feeder pole, or a tree close by a number of ft off the bottom. This manner, a bear will certainly be tall sufficient to set it off, however each passing opossum or skunk gained’t journey it.


Belief me, these sonic alarms are extraordinarily loud and will scare away a bear. On the very least, you’ll hear it and be capable of make some noise from the security of your home to encourage the bear to maneuver on.


Lately, I had some hassle with a raccoon climbing up a pole in my yard, so I bought the beneath alarm and put it on the high. It labored like a attraction! When the raccoon received to the highest, the alarm sounded, and the raccoon jumped off.

Photo voltaic Sound and Mild Alarm  View Price – Amazon


What’s good is that this alarm is solar-powered, so that you by no means have to fret about batteries! There are additionally completely different settings with the intention to customise the alarm to your particular want. For instance, it may be set to ONLY go off at night time, so each time you stroll by throughout the day, the alarm doesn’t sound. If you’d like one thing quieter, you may also program the product to make use of flashing lights as an alternative of enjoying a loud sound.


Tip #7: Examine your yard for different sources of meals.


Be certain there may be nothing else interesting in your yard. You don’t need bears coming to take a look at the chicken feeders however then determined to remain as a result of they discovered further meals sources.


Listed here are some widespread issues to take a look at.


  • Rubbish cans are securely closed and saved inside a storage or barn.


  • Grills are cleaned. Bears love some leftover BBQ!


  • Hummingbird feeders are out of attain. Bears would tremendously admire the sugary drink these feeders present.


  • Fowl baths. These merchandise can change into an issue throughout instances of drought when the bears are on the lookout for water.


  • Don’t retailer pet meals or birdseed exterior!

    • Be certain it’s locked away securely inside a shed, storage, or your property.


Tip #8: Carry your feeders down when bears are lively.


If in case you have tried all of the methods on this record to maintain bears away out of your chicken feeders, and you continue to are having points, then you might have to concede defeat.


Bears may be harmful to pets and other people. The very last thing you need is them being round your property after which changing into accustomed to people.


It could be essential to take down your feeders for some time. I do know sure feeding fanatics don’t feed the birds from round April via October, which is when bears are most lively. As soon as bears have began their lengthy winter’s relaxation, then it’s OK to deliver the feeders again out.


Closing Ideas


Having issues with bears isn’t widespread for most individuals that feed birds, however for people who do, it’s extremely difficult to maintain them away! It’s additionally probably harmful having these massive mammals round.


It’s extraordinarily unhealthy if bears get accustomed to people, which may simply occur in the event that they discover straightforward meals hanging from feeders. That bear may find yourself hurting somebody whereas on their property, or the bear might be killed as a result of it retains coming into shut contact with individuals.


I hope you discovered some ideas you’ll be able to implement quickly!


I’d love to listen to about what has labored finest for you. Please reply the next query within the feedback beneath.


How do you retain bears away out of your chicken feeders?

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